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Nov 4, 2013 3:30pm PST
of the party. folks that are trying to do comprehensive tax reform that you need to do, they're talking about taking tax rates to 25%. that's a republican principle. what stands in its way are people who won't even talk about revenue, because god forbid, if you take out all the xefrgss and deductions and let people play 25%, somebody will pay more, because they've been riding the back of the taxpayer with a loop-day-old hole. >> you mean taxes? >> no, i mean revenue. >> you mean taxes. >> of course, where does the revenue come from? >> republicans use terms like taxes and -- >> there are a lot of people at the top who aren't paying taxes, and i think that's what you're talking about. >> that means that some people taking advantage of loopholes have to start paying taxes. >> we should be talking about how to reduce government. >> we need to grow the economy. there's no way to solve it by cutting, cutting, cutting. >> not even realistic. >> but cutting taxes -- they gave it to the government. all that money none of that moan goes toward learning or innovation. it's essentially off the table for
Oct 29, 2013 3:30pm PDT
to pay more. half of americans in the individual market will receive tax credits to help them pay for it. so this is a better deal at a better cost and you have a much greater choice than you did before. newt, have at it. >> you may be as good a salesman for an impossible position as i've ever run into. the president runs around the country, and we can put up two hours of clips. you will not lose your plan. you will not lose your dr. that's just not true. wait a second. the fact is there are clearly people who are losing. he didn't qualify. he didn't say under the right circumstances. he said you will not. this is why you have such cynicism. >> are you caught up with the president not telling the full story? or are you more caught up with people getting a better deal in the individual market? i think that's what this comes down to whether we're going to look at the policy and what is happening with the american people as a result of the health care reform or are we going to look at political talking points? >> part of the nature of a free society is it's nice to have a president that is
Oct 31, 2013 3:30pm PDT
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Oct 28, 2013 3:30pm PDT
this was going to lead. it was going to lead to mandates, higher taxes. >> let's focus on democrats for a second, ron. we have a growing list who want the individual mandate delayed. >> the folks who are desperate for the affordable care act, they will find a way to get the coverage they need. again, as we talked about, the folks we need to make the program work, young healthy people, might not sit through now is seems to me, if you want to incite a group of people to do something they're not inclined to do, the last thing you do is give them more time to think about it. it seems to me, delaying the mandate would be a very bad thing for obama. but where are you with all these democrats? >> what most of those members want is they want an extension of the enrollment period. and that may very well happen. this enrollment period, there's nothing magic about it. it started october 1, and it ends march 31. we've not even gone through 30 days of it. >> right. >> i think, first, this is going to get fixed fairly soon. but i do not oppose at all, extending the enrollment period so that young adults can l
Oct 30, 2013 3:30pm PDT
as of december 31st, 2013. it says you may find your premiums you lower due to a new kind of tax credit in the nationalplace, you may qualify for plans -- even though -- isn't available outside of marketplace, the health care law also guarantees that you can choose a new plan outside the marketplace, even if you have a preexisting condition. my point is these insurers either want to keep the people in their -- that work in their policy, or they want to tell them -- they tell them about what's available in the marketplace units if it's available. >> but they have to do that, because the grandfather part of the bill says, if you have a plan that continues on, but the law says they have to find different coverage -- >> better coverage. >> different coverage, whatever that is, for the 50-year-old woman who is writing to me, i'm not going to have any more children -- >> and i don't have a prostate, okay? >> that's fine. so for folks saying they're now going to pay more, because they're not the grandfathering option. that's a myth there, because if a plan changes its coverage, if a plan chang
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5